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Champion Group was first launched in early 80’s, as an independent travel consultant named CHAMPION TOURS with services that applied to all the fields concentrated in thetourismindustry. When the Champion Group was looking for a platform to introduce a higher quality level of public transportation to serve local tourism industry traders and other surroundings related to the public transport industry then, In 2001 our CEO’s , with some shrewd negotiating and forward-thinking, introduced CHAMPION TAXI SERVICE that specialized in public transportation and developed it to what it is today now, a well known and established company within the pre ordered taxi , mini bus , coach , limo  and private hire industry and whom is one of the main players (if not the main player) in the field, being the envy of others who have tried, and to this day continue to try mimicking our name and concept without any success what so ever. Over the past years, Champion Taxi Service has continued to grow rapidly, introducing more services that up to now were not available in Cyprus.